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Let us show support for Anwar on Wednesday 10 September 2008

Posted on: September 7, 2008

At the courts, Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur.   Please pass on the information.

Acid test as ‘power’ deadline looms
Sep 7, 08 11:58am
Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim faces one of the sternest tests of his tumultuous political career in the next nine days, as the deadline he has set to seize power approaches.


The former deputy premier will also be summoned to court on Wednesday for a hearing that could launch a new trial on sodomy accusations – the same charge that saw him sacked and jailed a decade ago.

pkr congress seremban 260507 anwar talk to christian groupsAnwar has pulled off a string of spectacular successes in recent months, including snatching a third of parliamentary seats in March general elections, and recapturing the seat he lost after his fall from grace in 1998.

But despite disarray in the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition, there are doubts that the 61-year-old maverick can achieve his new goal of toppling the government by Sept 16 with the help of defecting lawmakers.

“The hope is there, but I don’t think it will happen on September 16,” said Mohammad Agus Yusoff, a leading political analyst from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

“But it will happen eventually, if the present scenario continues and the Barisan Nasional government doesn’t reform.”

Anwar is riding a wave of deep public discontent with the Barisan Nasional, a coalition of race-based parties which has ruled since independence from Britain, and which has been flummoxed by the resurgent opposition.

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, a grandfatherly figure seen as weak and ineffective by critics including elements within his ruling party, has fended off calls to quit over his failure to check Anwar.

The spiralling cost of food and fuel, a slowing economy and fears of rising “Islamisation” by his party which represents majority Muslim Malays, has alienated voters, particularly from the ethnic Chinese and Indian minorities.

Pundits not completely writing it off

Anwar meanwhile has transformed his PKR party – which helms a three-member opposition alliance – into Malaysia’s first pan-racial party with support from all three major ethnic groups.

His unerring political footwork makes pundits wary of completely writing off his chances of persuading 30 coalition lawmakers he needs to switch sides within the next few days.

sivarasa questioned by police on balasubramaniam case 250708But PKR vice-president R Sivarasa (photo, right) said the government was going all-out to prevent a mass defection, and that the Sept 16 deadline might not be achievable.

“It’s very difficult to be specific about it because the situation is quite fluid… so we’re not fixated on September 16 as a date, but we’re committed to getting the numbers to join us,” he said.

“What we’re trying to achieve is certainly doable but we also recognise that Barisan is also putting obstacles in the way.”

Abdullah last week vowed to crush any attempts to topple his rule, and in what is being seen as a precautionary measure, coalition lawmakers are being sent on an impromptu “overseas study trip” from Sept 7 to 19.

Both Anwar and Abdullah have journeyed to Sabah and Sarawak, seen as the source of likely defectors. Both sides have accused the other of buying the support of parliamentarians.

Court to set date for trial

Amid the high-stakes negotiations, Anwar and his lawyers are also dealing with the threat of new sodomy allegations levelled by a 23-year-old former aide, which could send him to jail for 20 years.

After being formally charged last month, he must appear at the Sessions Court on Wednesday for a hearing that could set the date for his trial, pass the case to another court, or even withdraw his bail and send him to prison.

pkr keadilan ijok post election 020507 anwar and tian chua“We’re not sure, anything can happen. It could be transferred to the High Court, and there may be an attempt to revoke his bail. It’s going to be quite political,” said PKR’s information chief Tian Chua (photo, far left).

Another sexual misconduct conviction would effectively end Anwar’s political career, but Sivarasa dismissed the saga as a “sideshow” and was also upbeat about his prospects even if the Sept 16 deadline is missed.

“One wouldn’t be able to avoid a sense of disappointment, but what we’re going to say is that taking power is inevitable, it’s going to happen,” he said.

“Anwar’s had a lot of difficult times in the past… but in terms of his political rehabilitation, he is the proverbial comeback kid.”


2 Responses to "Let us show support for Anwar on Wednesday 10 September 2008"

Let’s march to Putrajaya and remove the UMNO sapiens!!! Once the UMNO sapiens are removed, Malaysia will be a much better place to live in. We all bumiputras are behide u, DSAI!!! For the past 1 month, being an ex-UMNO member myself – I have seen mass defection from UMNO to PKR, coming to the tune of thousands in N.Sembilan. It will be a moment when N.Sembilan falls to Pakatan Rakyat. Let’s make it happen!!!!

May your prayer “lets make it happen” for Negeri 9 be answered.

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Must Attend Program

Please go to this link: https://justice4allkuantan.wordpress.com/2008/10/25/invitation-public-forum-the-isa-and-the-police-reform-process-whats-next-after-pak-lah/
To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards of people - Emily Cox

Siphoning EPF money

On 'Why should Valuecap borrow from EPF?' Syed Shahir Syed Mohamud: MTUC condemns the government's move to bail out Valuecap to support the local stock market using RM5 billion from EPF, as the provident fund is the custodian of the workers' money and not some sort of ‘automated teller machine' for the government.
If at all the EPF were to lend its money to the government, it has to be under the condition that there be transparency and accountability in the activities for which the money has been purposed. We want to know who is doing what with the money that belongs to the workers. This is the hard-earned money of the workers, their retirement plan. How is this bailout plan going to benefit the workers? We also question the reason for this bailout. If the economic fundamentals in Malaysia are strong and reserves sufficient as has been stated several times by the government, then why is there a need to offer so much money to the GLCs? Second Finance Minister Nor Mohamed Yakcop should prove how the EPF would profit from this loan. Bernama had reported that Nor had given the assurance that the loan given out by EPF would reap profits for the fund judging from Valuecap's past performance. But where is the paperwork and calculations to show that this move will benefit the EPF? MTUC is concerned that the loan might be mismanaged or misused and this, in turn, would affect the returns for the contributors. Mere assurances are not enough. We want to proof that this RM5 billion will not go down the drain. (The writer is president, MTUC). Sharyn: The government wants to use our pension money to prop up the Malaysian stock market which is the playing field of the rich people. If so, the government must ensure that the EPF account holders - who are predominantly the poor to average citizens of Malaysia - be guaranteed all of our pension money with a compound 8% growth (interest). It's so selfish and sick of the government to use the poor's pension money to help the rich to make more money with all the risks taken by the poor/average citizen. We can better use the RM% billion loans to Valuecap for our children's education, shelter, medical bills etc. Why not get those rich people to prop up the share market instead? Why should they park their money overseas and gamble with our EPF money instead? Kumar14: Who is behind this Valuecap organisation? Why suddenly, this separate entity is allowed to access funds from the EPF? Are they capable enough to handle it or is it just another desperate and blind move? It has been a very infamous trend where the people's funds are channeled to a company for investment purposes and suddenly POP! the funds disappear and there is nobody to be held responsible but a RM2 shell company. Charge who? Sue whom? The RM2 company (just a registered name)? We have seen this many times. People in power and with connections allow such things to go through and reap/rob the people's wealth and then blame it on organisations which actually don't exist. What if a lot of EPF funds are looted via such scams and nobody is to be pointed at? Where will the government get the funds to replenish the EPF? The people are very bored, disappointed, angry and frustrated at seeing all these dumb and unaccounted for measures being allowed by the government with lame excuses. Please, somebody verify the true purpose, integrity and capability of anybody attempting to use the people's fund.

Raja Petra

Photobucket Ihsan dari blog Go!Malaysian http://gomalaysian.blogspot.com/


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