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Peluang Umno meletakkan ia sebagai parti ulung di dunia

Posted on: September 19, 2008

Saya percaya sejarah dunia akan meletakkan Umno dalam peta sejarah politik dunia selamanya sebagai sebuah parti yang menjunjung demokrasi mengatasi Guru-Guru Barat yang melaungkannya.

Umno hanya perlu menilai semula kekudukannya sebagai parti yang menerajui kerajaan BN kerana realitinya kedudukan itu telah berubah dengan jelas.   Umno perlu menjadi parti masa mendatang sebagai sebuah parti yang akan menjadi pilihan Rakyat sekiranya Pakatan Rakyat gagal melunaskan segala janji dan dasar keadilannya.   Umno perlu mempamerkan betapa ia sebuah parti yang fleksibel yang memiliki segala hikmah dan kebijaksanaan dalam menangani kekurangannya yang sementara.  Dan lagi Umno sebuah parti yang hebat jika Umno berjaya menghayati perasaan dan kehendak Rakyat yang mahukan perubahan.

Atau Umno akan dikecam sepanjang waktu…tiada penghujungnya…kerana telah membuang prinsip-prinsip demokrasi dalam urusan peralihan kuasa yang dikemukakan oleh Pakatan Rakyat secara aman.

Formidable hurdles to dislodge BN
Sep 18, 08 10:39am Malaysiakini.com
Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim must overcome a number of formidable barriers before pulling off the first change of government in Malaysia’s history.


The ruling coalition, which has dominated the country since independence from Britain in 1957, will not go quietly despite Anwar’s appeal this week for a peaceful transition.

anwar ibrahim pakatan rakyat september 16 annoucement pc 160908 02“There is a group of Malay elites who cannot fathom that they may have to give up power. They’ve been in this position of strength and they know nothing else,” said Bridget Welsh, a Southeast Asia expert from Johns Hopkins University.

“Anwar knows he has to get the civil service, the military, the king and the the sultans in his court in order to change the system that’s been in power for 51 years and where there are entrenched interests.”

After a crackdown last week that saw three arrests under a draconian Internal Security Act, which allows for detention without trial, Welsh said Anwar could also face a threat to his life and liberty.

“He has to be concerned for his safety. I think he knows that and I think the international community is very concerned for his safety,” she said.

King may play key role

Malaysia’s monarchy, which operates under a unique revolving system that gives state sultans the crown for five-year terms, could be key to the high-stakes negotiations currently under way.

agong power in the change of government 170908Anwar has said he has the support of at least 31 lawmakers from the coalition, giving him a small majority in parliament, but if the government does not step down he will need to seek a mandate from the king.

“Anwar will have to deal with the king if he wants to be prime minister,” said James Chin, a political analyst from Monash University’s campus in Kuala Lumpur.

“At the very least he will have to prove that he commands the confidence of the majority of MPs in parliament.”

The government has accused Anwar of bluffing after he refused to release the list of defectors until Abdullah grants him a meeting, but Chin said he was wise to protect the lawmakers from government attempts to claw them back.

“Anwar is moving very slowly and very cautiously, simply because there has never been a change of government since independence, so we’re in uncharted territory,” he said.

Political brinkmanship to drag on

abdullah ahmad badawi najib razak pc change portfolio 170908 02The situation is complicated by a suspected power struggle within the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition, which has been disarray since elections in March that saw it lose its two-thirds majority in parliament for the first time.

Abdullah has defied calls to step down, insisting he will only hand over to his deputy Najib Razak in mid-2010, but challengers appear to be emerging and his replacement could defuse an exodus to the opposition.

Possible successors are Najib, Trade Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, or even a wild card in the form of Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, at 71 an older but charismatic member of Malaysia’s royalty.

cpps bar council roundtable 030407 tricia yeoh“A potential stumbling block would be if Najib manages to convince all the members of parliament to stay, to promise them their positions of power are secure with him,” said Tricia Yeoh (right) from the Centre for Public Policy Studies.

“I do think Anwar has the numbers to form a new government but in terms of strategy and the manoeuvring and the technicalities of how it will be worked out, that remains to be seen,” she said.

The 61-year-old opposition leader is also fighting a legal battle against new sodomy allegations – the same charge that saw him jailed a decade ago – which he says have been fabricated to sideline him.

Analysts say the political brinkmanship may drag on for weeks or months, spelling bad news for the economy, investment and the stock market which has been paralysed by the uncertainty.



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Must Attend Program

Please go to this link: https://justice4allkuantan.wordpress.com/2008/10/25/invitation-public-forum-the-isa-and-the-police-reform-process-whats-next-after-pak-lah/
To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards of people - Emily Cox

Siphoning EPF money

On 'Why should Valuecap borrow from EPF?' Syed Shahir Syed Mohamud: MTUC condemns the government's move to bail out Valuecap to support the local stock market using RM5 billion from EPF, as the provident fund is the custodian of the workers' money and not some sort of ‘automated teller machine' for the government.
If at all the EPF were to lend its money to the government, it has to be under the condition that there be transparency and accountability in the activities for which the money has been purposed. We want to know who is doing what with the money that belongs to the workers. This is the hard-earned money of the workers, their retirement plan. How is this bailout plan going to benefit the workers? We also question the reason for this bailout. If the economic fundamentals in Malaysia are strong and reserves sufficient as has been stated several times by the government, then why is there a need to offer so much money to the GLCs? Second Finance Minister Nor Mohamed Yakcop should prove how the EPF would profit from this loan. Bernama had reported that Nor had given the assurance that the loan given out by EPF would reap profits for the fund judging from Valuecap's past performance. But where is the paperwork and calculations to show that this move will benefit the EPF? MTUC is concerned that the loan might be mismanaged or misused and this, in turn, would affect the returns for the contributors. Mere assurances are not enough. We want to proof that this RM5 billion will not go down the drain. (The writer is president, MTUC). Sharyn: The government wants to use our pension money to prop up the Malaysian stock market which is the playing field of the rich people. If so, the government must ensure that the EPF account holders - who are predominantly the poor to average citizens of Malaysia - be guaranteed all of our pension money with a compound 8% growth (interest). It's so selfish and sick of the government to use the poor's pension money to help the rich to make more money with all the risks taken by the poor/average citizen. We can better use the RM% billion loans to Valuecap for our children's education, shelter, medical bills etc. Why not get those rich people to prop up the share market instead? Why should they park their money overseas and gamble with our EPF money instead? Kumar14: Who is behind this Valuecap organisation? Why suddenly, this separate entity is allowed to access funds from the EPF? Are they capable enough to handle it or is it just another desperate and blind move? It has been a very infamous trend where the people's funds are channeled to a company for investment purposes and suddenly POP! the funds disappear and there is nobody to be held responsible but a RM2 shell company. Charge who? Sue whom? The RM2 company (just a registered name)? We have seen this many times. People in power and with connections allow such things to go through and reap/rob the people's wealth and then blame it on organisations which actually don't exist. What if a lot of EPF funds are looted via such scams and nobody is to be pointed at? Where will the government get the funds to replenish the EPF? The people are very bored, disappointed, angry and frustrated at seeing all these dumb and unaccounted for measures being allowed by the government with lame excuses. Please, somebody verify the true purpose, integrity and capability of anybody attempting to use the people's fund.

Raja Petra

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