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Taib, Jabu urged to step down
S Pathmawathy | Nov 1, 08 5:21pm
First, he called Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) and Umno ‘bullies’.


Now Parti Rakyat Sarawak’s (PRS) former publicity head of its Balleh division Beginda Minda has boldly called on PBB president Abdul Taib Mahmud to step down as Sarawak chief minister.

Revealing bundles of flawed strategies in the Taib administration on Mkini.tv’s ‘Uncensored’ talk show, Beginda also held long-serving Iban Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu equally responsible for the agony and sufferings of the Dayak community, adding that “Jabu should also seriously consider retirement as soon as possible”.

beginda minda prs 011108 francis“Taib’s era has passed. It is time for him to give way to the younger generation to take over the reins of power in Sarawak.

“Twenty-seven years as chief minister is long enough,” Beginda told ‘Uncensored’ host Francis Paul Siah.

Beginda insisted that he was not launching a personal attack at these two Sarawak leaders but that he has decided to come out publicly to “say what has to be said” as he (Beginda) is also a member of a BN component party.

“My request is for Taib and Jabu to step down gracefully and retire as honourable and respected statesmen. Surely, it is better to go that way than to be forced out of office through people’s power,” he reasoned.

“It is clear to most people that the days when they (Taib and Jabu) have been most effective and most active are nearly gone. There are now many capable and qualified younger people with fresh ideas and bolder visions to lead the state.

“Taib has been active in politics since the first days of independence in 1963 and has been chief minister of Sarawak since 1981. Alfred Jabu has been in active politics since 1974 and was made deputy chief minister shortly after.

“Admittedly, these two gentlemen have done much for Sarawak.  There have been pluses, I grant that, but there are many negatives as well,” he said.

Row, row, row your boat to Kapit

Beginda touched on several issues close to the hearts of Sarawak Dayaks during the interview.

He spoke at length on the land issue, lopsided development in the state, lack of employment opportunities and the “sufferings” of his Iban community.

“It is a fact that after 45-long years of independence, many areas in Sarawak are still not being developed, including my hometown of Kapit.

beginda minda prs 011108 04“Kapit is still the same as it has been during the colonial time of the British. During the time of Rajah Charles Vyner Brooke, we were rowing sampans as there were no roads to get out of Kapit.

“Today, there are still no roads linking Kapit to other towns and we still have to use boats … only that this time, the boats have engines.

“I know that the two gentlemen (Taib and Jabu) will not be able to tolerate my public expression of these grouses. But the truth must be told. Enough is enough … my advice to them is not to wait until people demonstrate in the streets,” he said.

Beginda also reiterated that PBB has an ‘apparent policy’ of undermining their coalition partners in “varying degrees of subtlety”.

“The BN partners – Sarawak United People’s Party (Supp), PRS or Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) – are in themselves complete organisations and their interests need to be respected. Interference by a senior partner, no matter the guise, is a form of bullying.

“Bullying goes against the grain of good and just participation in political affairs and dilutes the effectiveness of coalition partners when in fact they (the partners) should be effective and are seen as effective.

“Inevitably, a coalition partner which is denied an effective delivery system will be held in ever diminishing esteem by the electorate,” said Beginda.

Beginda was removed as publicity chief of the PRS Balleh division on Oct 27 following his ‘bully’ statement published in Malaysiakini two days earlier. He maintained that he has no regrets over what he said.

taib mahmud alfred jabu pbb prs 011108Asked whether Taib could be behind the disbandment of Dayak-based parties, Beginda said: “It is very clear.”

“One of the impacts of political interference has been to wreck the political cohesiveness of the Dayak people.

“Every decade, it seems that the Dayaks have to create a new party and as long as the party is young and new, it will be a junior partner. This is what PBB wants,” said Beginda.

parliament seats sarawak 241008“If you look at the history of Snap, PBDS, SPDP and PRS, you will know what I am talking about,” he added.

Allow Dayaks to own their land

Beginda also rebuked Sarawak’s land policies which have not been reviewed since the 1960s although Taib has been in power for 27 years.

“There have been many disputes over land ownership and the exploitation of resources, such as timber, which have pitted timber companies against natives who have traditionally regarded tracts of land to be theirs,” he lamented.

“In Sarawak, million of acres of NCR land are affected and the economic opportunity for the Dayaks from their lands are lost. The natives need the ownership of their lands to be put in order through proper surveying,” said Beginda.

He urged the state government to adhere to growing public dissatisfaction regarding land policy and ensure commitment to review current land policies.

beginda minda interview 301008 03“The uproar last month in Bekenu Sibuti, where the Kedayan people were under threat of an eviction order apparently made to make way for plantation development, need not have happened if a proper land policy that protects native lands and if a proper land adjudication had been put in place.

“This is no longer just an abuse of power but oppression of the people. If this goes on, the natives will lose everything,” he said.

On the matter of Sarawak Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority (Salcra) which maintains land development and social-economic wealth of the state, Beginda said: “Salcra could do a much better job but it is not doing that”.

“There are grumblings that participants do not get the so-called ‘dividends’ that they feel they are entitled to or that their lands have been bought over by those with vested interests.

“Yet it is possible for Salcra to do very well and earn the participants plenty of rewards had legislations and measures been introduced which prevent estate lands from being sold and transferred to other parties.

“For instance, Felda, the federal government’s land development agency, is so well run that it is now prepared to spread its operation overseas. Why can’t Salcra be as successful as Felda?” he asked.

No job opportunities in Sarawak

Beginda also raised grouses relating to employment opportunities in the state, where although Sarawak is rich in resources, large number of the natives still flee to Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore in search of employment.

“We have plenty of timber, coal, oil and gas. These are ingredients for a strong economy. We should be an employment haven … yet now in Sarawak we have problems regarding the economy and employment.

beginda minda prs 011108 02“In Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore, there are as many as 60,000 Sarawakians. In Johor alone, more than 16,000 Sarawakians are employed there.
“Ask them why they prefer to work in Peninsular Malaysia and most will reply that there are better job opportunities there.

“Why can’t Sarawak create jobs for its own people? Surely, it is now time for a change of leadership,” he added.

Towards the end of the show, Beginda spoke in Iban as he made an impassioned appeal to his community to stay focussed and united as they demand for their rights in Sarawak.

Ooi Heng and Mei Fen tied the knot at last after 9 years of friendship & courtship!

Ooi Heng is Head of the KeADILan Research Unit.   A very dedicated professional with much to say naturally…

Mei Fen, a teacher, specialises in Bahasa Melayu.   A great combination, I think.

Wishing them a great life together.

Family and friends gathered at the poolside of a hotel in PJ for the happy occasion.   It was not the traditional Chinese wedding – as both of them wanted it that way – a reformation of sort. Ah, I forgot to ask if he got his one month’s leave request…

Sabtu, 1 November 2008 • SUARA KeADILan Online

TAHUKAH anda memberi subsidi kepada kerajaan antara 60 sehingga 72 sen setiap liter diesel atau petrol yang anda beli di stesen minyak.

Ini kerana harga yang anda bayar dipam adalah jauh lebih mahal daripada harga sebenar di loji penapis minyak.

Siasatan Suara Keadilan menunjukkan harga depot diesel di loji penapisan Tangga Batu, Melaka pada 24 Oktober 2008 adalah hanya RM1.78 se liter dan petrol kira-kira RM2.00 se liter.

Harga depot ini diperolehi dari sumber loji penapis minyak Petronas.

Harga di stesen minyak yang terpaksa dibayar oleh pengguna pula ialah RM2.20 seliter bagi diesel dan RM2.30 untuk petrol.

Kerajaan pula berkata harga yang dijual kepada rakyat sudah dimasukkan subsidi sebanyak 30 sen setiap liter.

Jika ini diambil kira maka harga depot yang telah diberikan subsidi sebanyak 30 sen bagi diesel sepatutnya RM1.48 bagi diesel dan RM1.70 pula bagi petrol.

Harga inilah yang sepatutnya dibayar oleh pengguna diesel dan petrol di negara ini bukannya seperti yang diumumkan kerajaan.

Ini juga bermakna pengguna telah terpedaya dengan membayar 72 sen lebih bagi setiap liter diesel dan 60 sen seliter bagi petrol.

Harga depot ialah harga minyak mentah yang telah diproses di loji penapisan dan ia mencerminkan harga sebenar produk yang dihasilkan dari proses penapisan di loji.

Harga depot yang diperolehi adalah berdasarkan harga minyak mentah dunia pada 24 Oktober 2008 iaitu USD64.15 setong (RM229.66 pada kadar nilai pertukaran RM3.58 bagi setiap USD1)

Malaysia mempunyai tiga loji penapis minyak – dua di Tangga Batu dan satu di Kerteh, Terengganu dengan kapasiti penapisan sebanyak 256,000 tong sehari (34,000 tan metrik) atau 47% daripada jumlah kapasiti keseluruhan yang sedia ada di negara ini.

Subsidi didefinasikan sebagai “wang yang dibayar oleh Kerajaan kepada pengeluar atau penjual sesuatu produk supaya harga runcit produk tersebut rendah berbanding kos sebenar atau harga pasaran. Subsidi merupakan bantuan untuk meringankan beban kepada pengguna.”

Apakah sebenarnya kerajaan bercakap benar apabila mengatakan harga bahan api yang dijual kepada rakyat adalah harga subsidi atau sebenarnya rakyat yang ditipu bulat-bulat?

Ahli Parlimen Shah Alam, Ir Khalid samad yang berkelulusan di dalam bidang kejuruteraan bahan api dan tenaga daripada University of Leeds, United Kingdom berkata jika dilihat daripada perbezaan harga di antara harga depot dan harga di stesen minyak besar kemungkinan kerajaan sebenarnya tidak memberi apa-apa subsidi seperti yang diwar-warkan kepada rakyat selama ini.

“Kerajaan perlu telus dan dedahkan kepada rakyat apakah kaedah dan mekanisma harga yang digunapakai untuk menentukan harga minyak supaya rakyat pun mampu menilai pendekatan yang diambil kerajaan.
“Melihat kepada harga yang terpaksa dibayar oleh pengguna berbanding harga sebenar bahan api saya berpendapat tidak ada sebarang subsidi diberikan oleh kerajaan,” jelas beliau.

Khalid yang juga Timbalan Pesuruhjaya (2) PAS Selangor menyuarakan kebimbangan terhadap hujah yang digunakan oleh kerajaan untuk menjustifikasikan kenaikan harga diesel dan petrol.

“Dulu apabila harga minyak dipasaran dunia melambung naik tidak pula kerajaan bising bila mana pendapatan berlipat ganda tetapi sekarang dalam situasi harga minyak menurun kerajaan mula bising pendapatannya berkurangan.
“Sama ada bila harga minyak dunia naik ataupun turun rakyat yang akhirnya menjadi mangsa dan terpaksa menanggung beban,” tegas Khalid ketika dihubungi.

Beliau turut menyarankan agar kerajaan menurunkan setengah daripada harga diesel dan petrol masa kini berdasarkan penurunan lebih daripada 50 peratus harga pasaran dunia.

Ahli ekonomi kanan Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad, Azrul Azwar Ahmad Tajudin berpendapat sekiranya benar dakwaan kerajaan tidak memberi apa-apa subsidi kepada harga bahan api maka rakyatlah yang rugi kerana mereka tidak mendapat faedah yang sepatutnya dinikmati.

“Kalau kerajaan tetap mengatakan subsidi bahan api diberi sebanyak 30 sen se liter tidak pula kita melihat kesan kepada penurunan harga barangan keperluan dan perkhimatan.
“Malah apa yang kita lihat harga barangan pengguna dan perkhidmatan tetap tidak turun walaupun harga minyak sudah dipotong sebanyak tiga kali,” Azrul Azwar berkata.

Sebaliknya beliau mencadangkan supaya kerajaan menurunkan harga minyak sebanyak 50 sen sekiranya ingin memberi impak yang berkesan dan bukannya berdikit-dikit seperti yang dilakukan sekarang.

Beliau juga berkata penurunan besar akan memberi kesan positif bukan sahaja kepada kerajaan malah juga pengguna.

“Sekarang kuasa pembeli agak lembab disebabkan tekanan kos barangan yang tinggi.
“Sekiranya kerajaan menurunkan harga minyak sebanyak 50 sen ini akan menyebabkan harga barangan lain turun menurun dan keadaan ini akan menggalakkan pengguna berbelanja.
“Kerajaan pula akan mendapat hasil daripada cukai jualan dan ini sedikit sebanyak mampu menyumbang kepada pendapatan kerajaan,” jelasnya lagi.

Penganalisa ekonomi menjangka trend kejatuhan harga minyak di pasaran antarabangsa akan berterusan jatuh sehingga pertengahan November tahun ini.

Bila ditanya di kawasan-kawasan, Rakyat kini sudah hilang keyakinan terhadap umno.   Hanya tinggal umno dan ahli-ahlinya yang berkepentingan saja yang meneruskan segala budaya buruk yang sewajarnya sudah terhapus sekarang ini.   Budaya menjadikan wang sebagai ukuran terpilihnya sebagai ketua – suatu permulaan kepada pemilihan sebagai wakil-wakil rakyat, seterusnya menteri dan ke jawatan tertinggi negara – adalah suatu yang merosakkan akhlak manusia, khususnya orang Melayu – yang sekali gus mencemar hubungan dengan Allah swt. juga.   Kerosakkan akhlak menatijahkan lebih banyak yang buruk.   Maka cukuplah setakat ini yang buruk-buruk itu – yang tiada dapat diredakan, apalagi untuk menghapuskannya – oleh para pemimpin umno sendiri.

Perhimpunan agung Umno 24-28 Mac
Jimadie Shah Othman | Oct 31, 08 6:15pm
Majlis Tertinggi (MT) Umno hari ini telah menetapkan perhimpunan agung Umno akan diadakan dari 24 hingga 28 Mac depan.

Perhimpunan kali ini juga bakal menyaksikan pertandingan jawatan tertinggi Umno.

Keputusan itu sekaligus menamatkan spekulasi bahawa tarikh pemilihan pucuk pimpinan tertinggi Umno akan dipercepatkan kepada Disember.

Bercakap dalan sidang akhbar selepas mesyuarat MT, PresidenUmno, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi berkata, ekoran keputusan tersebut, bahagian Umno yang telah bermesyuarat, diminta menghantar laporan kepada ibupejabat Umno.

Menurutnya, mesyuarat MT hari ini juga membincangkan tentang perbuatan melobi untuk merayu undi bagi calon-calon yang bertanding jawatan tertinggi parti kali ini yang didapati berleluasa sekarang.

Berikutan itu, katanya, MT akan mengeluarkan arahan mengenai aktivit pelobi dan perayu undi yang mendorong perwakilan mengundi calon mereka dan jangan calon lain.

“Gelaja ini berleluasa berlaku di hotel-hotel dan tempat-tempat pertemuan,” katanya.

Sehubungan itu, Abdullah memberi amaran kepada mereka yang terbabit supaya menghentikan segera perbuatan tersebut sebelum mereka dikesan oleh pemantau parti.

Tegah guna jentera k’jaan

Beliau juga meminta calon-calon yang bertanding supaya jangan menggunakan jentera kerajaan sama ada secara langsung atau tidak langsung.

Abdullah tidak menyebut calon-calon yang dimaksudkan tetapi dipercayai ia dituju kepada mereka dari kalangan menteri dan timbalan menteri yang bertanding kali ini.

Beliau juga kesal dengan penyebaran SMS kempen yang berniat jahat dan menasihatkan mereka yang terbabit supaya menghentikan perbuatan tersebut.

Sebaliknya, beliau mahu mereka merujuk semula dan mematuhi tataetika ahli Umno yang telah ditetapkan.

Abdullah memberi amaran bahawa mereka yang didapati terbabit, akan dihadapkan kepada lembaga disiplin Umno.

Perdana menteri juga berkata, mesyuarat hari ini turut membincangkan kedudukan ekonomi negara sekarang.

Beliau berharap keadaan itu tidak sampai melemahkan ekonomi negara.

Beliau berkata, Menteri Kewangan, Datuk Seri Najib akan mengumumkan langkah-langkah untuk menghadapi tekanan yang akan ditambil sewaktu sesi penggulungan bajet di Dewan Rakyat pada 4 November depan.

“Tidak payah tanyalah sekarang apa yang hendak dicerita,” katanya

“Harapan kita dengan pengumuman itu, insya-Allah kita harap rakyat akan lebih yakin untuk sama-sama menghadapi cabaran dan masalah yang mungkin timbul akibat daripada kedudukan ekonomi dunia yang tidak menentu sekarang ini,” tambahnya

Serah kuasa

Menurutnya, Najib yang juga timbalan perdana menteri akan membuat pengumuman tersebut supaya rakyat lebih yakin dengan langkah kerajaan dalam menghadap krisis ekonomi.

Abdullah juga berkata, ibupejabat Umno akan mengatur program kempen bagi calon-calon yang bertanding bagi merebut jawatan tinggi parti kali ini.

“Majlis tertinggi juga membuat keputusan untuk membolehkan calon-calon bertanding di peringkat Majlis Tertinggi, mereka akan dibenarkan bertemu dengan ahli-ahli parti. Tetapi ini akan dibuat, disusun… Ibupejabat akan aturkan.

“Setiap negeri, siapa juga akan menjadi calon, bertanding dalam jawatan-jawatan majlis tertinggi bolehlah pergi ke majlis-majlis berkenaan, mengambil kesempatan untuk bertemu (ahli-ahli parti).

“Tidak ada acara-acara lain untuk dijalankan. Jadi dengan cara ini saya percaya mereka dapat bertemu dengan ahli-ahli Umno di negeri-negeri tertentu,” katanya.

Ditanya mengenai tempoh kempen yang lama, beliau berkata, garispanduan telah dikeluarkan dan panduan telah diberikan.

Abdulah turut ditanya mengenai kenyataan yang pernah dibuatnya sewaktu melawat Sabah bahawa Ketua Menteri Melaka, Datuk Mohd Ali Rustam boleh bertanding timbalan perdana menteri.

Menurut perdana menteri, beliau hanya mahu menjelaskan bahawa sesiapa juga berhak untuk bertanding.

“Kamu mahu bertanding, kamu bertandinglah. Kalau orang tanya bagaimana beliau (Mohd Ali) hendak bertanding. Biarlah dia bertanding, apa salahnya. Itu hanya menyuarakan seseorang itu ada hak untuk bertanding. Itu saja,” katanya.

Mohd Ali telah menawarkan diri untuk bertanding jawatan timbalan presiden Umno. Sehingga ini beliau mendapatkan 23 undi dan belum layak bertanding. Kelayakan minima bagi calon timbalan presiden ialah 39 pencalonan.

Setakat ini, Tan Sri Muhyiddin telah layak bertanding selepas memperolehi 65 pencalonan. Manakala seorang lagi calon, Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd Taib baru mendapat 17 pencalonan.

Ditanya sama ada kenyataan beliau di Sabah itu bermaksud meyokong Mohd Ali kerana Muhyiddin dilihat bersifat lantang dalam beberapa perkara, Abdullah secara berseloroh menjawab: “(Tan Sri) Muhyiddn kempen le tu…”

Beliau ditanya bila akan menyerahkan kuasa kepada penggantinya, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

“Selepas mesyuarat (perhimpunan agung) bagi saya beberapa hari untuk selesai perkara…,” katanya.

Must Attend Program

Please go to this link: https://justice4allkuantan.wordpress.com/2008/10/25/invitation-public-forum-the-isa-and-the-police-reform-process-whats-next-after-pak-lah/
To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards of people - Emily Cox

Siphoning EPF money

On 'Why should Valuecap borrow from EPF?' Syed Shahir Syed Mohamud: MTUC condemns the government's move to bail out Valuecap to support the local stock market using RM5 billion from EPF, as the provident fund is the custodian of the workers' money and not some sort of ‘automated teller machine' for the government.
If at all the EPF were to lend its money to the government, it has to be under the condition that there be transparency and accountability in the activities for which the money has been purposed. We want to know who is doing what with the money that belongs to the workers. This is the hard-earned money of the workers, their retirement plan. How is this bailout plan going to benefit the workers? We also question the reason for this bailout. If the economic fundamentals in Malaysia are strong and reserves sufficient as has been stated several times by the government, then why is there a need to offer so much money to the GLCs? Second Finance Minister Nor Mohamed Yakcop should prove how the EPF would profit from this loan. Bernama had reported that Nor had given the assurance that the loan given out by EPF would reap profits for the fund judging from Valuecap's past performance. But where is the paperwork and calculations to show that this move will benefit the EPF? MTUC is concerned that the loan might be mismanaged or misused and this, in turn, would affect the returns for the contributors. Mere assurances are not enough. We want to proof that this RM5 billion will not go down the drain. (The writer is president, MTUC). Sharyn: The government wants to use our pension money to prop up the Malaysian stock market which is the playing field of the rich people. If so, the government must ensure that the EPF account holders - who are predominantly the poor to average citizens of Malaysia - be guaranteed all of our pension money with a compound 8% growth (interest). It's so selfish and sick of the government to use the poor's pension money to help the rich to make more money with all the risks taken by the poor/average citizen. We can better use the RM% billion loans to Valuecap for our children's education, shelter, medical bills etc. Why not get those rich people to prop up the share market instead? Why should they park their money overseas and gamble with our EPF money instead? Kumar14: Who is behind this Valuecap organisation? Why suddenly, this separate entity is allowed to access funds from the EPF? Are they capable enough to handle it or is it just another desperate and blind move? It has been a very infamous trend where the people's funds are channeled to a company for investment purposes and suddenly POP! the funds disappear and there is nobody to be held responsible but a RM2 shell company. Charge who? Sue whom? The RM2 company (just a registered name)? We have seen this many times. People in power and with connections allow such things to go through and reap/rob the people's wealth and then blame it on organisations which actually don't exist. What if a lot of EPF funds are looted via such scams and nobody is to be pointed at? Where will the government get the funds to replenish the EPF? The people are very bored, disappointed, angry and frustrated at seeing all these dumb and unaccounted for measures being allowed by the government with lame excuses. Please, somebody verify the true purpose, integrity and capability of anybody attempting to use the people's fund.

Raja Petra

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